Sunday Chillin’ #41: Peanut Butter Vibes


Uhhhh did you guys want another sunset? Cause here’s another sunset. And good day to you! A little upbeat for a SC, but here’s some awesome remixes to a great Glass Animals song. If you haven’t listened to their new album yet, I’d suggest you get the hell on it! So dope.

Glass Animals – Peanut Butter Vibes (Honeycomb Rework)

Glass Animals – Gooey (Gilligan Moss Remix)

Honeycomb I Glass Animals I Gilligan Moss

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Sunday Chillin’ #39: Glittered Lines


Had some pretty profound experiences while witnessing a memorial today. Reminded me of one of my favorite quotes by Alain de Botton, paraphrased by Jason Silva, “We don’t cry because something is sad, we cry because something is more beautiful than we expected it to be.” It was a beautiful service with beautiful people.

The Hics – Lines

BR/VE – One Time (prod. Rich|Dad)

Threefinger – Threefinger Beat Set Vol. 10 (Flamingosis)

Sun Glitters – eventide (feat. Niva & Charlee)

The Hics I BR/\VE I Threefinger I flamingosis I Sun Glitters I Niva

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Sunday Chillin’ #37: Long Live Musigh

Musigh, the blog that inspired me to start my own, finally shut down. The creator had stopped posting years ago, but the client was still running up until about a month or so ago. I asked a bunch of my close friends what songs they think of when they hear “musigh,” and this mix is the result of those memories. Enjoy.

We’ll never forget you Beni. Long live Musigh.

Sound In Colors – Musigh Tribute Mix

Tracklist (in order)

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Sunday Chillin’ #36: Slow Mood

Ireland Study Abroad #2-68 copy 2

What a beautiful realization it is to have, that all our lives are intrinsically entwined, woven together as if by magic. And what a beautiful realization it is to have that each individual life is the most amazing story ever, one that no one will ever understand fully, not even the person living it- a story that makes the imperfections of life all the more perfect. To realize this is to Sonder. Do yourself a favor and watch this incredible video from The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.

Oylo – Hush w/ Cheryl

Real Slow – Drowned Out

Kartell – Mood

Boxed In – Mystery (Pat Lok ‘Yukon Soul’ Mix)

Cheryl – re-goodbye

cheryl I Oylo I Real Slow I Kartell I Pat Lok I Boxed In

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Sunday Chillin’ #34: Deep In Your Heart

Ireland Study Abroad #2-98 copy 2

Been on vacation for the last week, thus the no posting. I plan on going through a lot of pictures, music, and doing some quality posting when I’m back home. Tomorrow ends the final day of Summer vacation for me. Time to get to work. I need it. Handbook for those late night Sunday vibes.

Handbook – Deep In Your Heart


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