Smunday Chillin’ #50: White Walks


Back again with a Smunday Chillin’, a Sunday Chillin’ posted on Monday cause colds require an attention toward a familiar flick rather than a creative tick. So I watched old cartoon reruns and vegged out in bed while temporarily hampering my lifelong search for fulfillment by ingratiating the cosmos. Enjoy this short but sweet mix by FloFilz and Wun Two.

flofilz & wun two – white walks

flo filz I wun two

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Sunday Chillin’ #48: Fly Lovely


Uhhhhh I have nothing to say about this photo. I opened MS paint not know what I was doing. Enjoy…? Anyway, Julian Avila is great. Posted one of his songs yesterday, but feel like I need to share some more of his stuff today, alongside dyalla. I have yet to hear a bad track by dyalla. Going to be listening all week.

Julian Avila – Sunshine

Julian Avila – Fly

Julian Avila – Good Times

dyalla – Could You?

dyalla – Lovely Girl

dyalla – She’s Right There

dyalla – All I Need

dyalla – Inquisition

dyalla I Julian Avila

Sunday Chillin’ #47: Humble Depths


Was listening to my Musigh playlist in iTunes while editing photos today, and these two songs reminded me of the formidability of Beni’s musical curation (he has great taste). Enjoy some handpicked Musigh secrets.

Labyrinth Ear – Humble Bones (Giraffage Remix)

Pullahs – Endless Depths

Pullahs I Giraffage I Labyrinth Ear

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Smunday Chillin’ #46: Sea Trips & LSD


Raury hittin me right in the feels tonight. This is Sound In Colors’ 3rd Smunday Chillin’ (a Sunday Chillin’, but posted late on Monday) and I’m just barely getting it out on Monday. Gonna be just before midnight when I hit post… talk about lagging! Hopefully these raw tunes make up for my tardiness. Enjoy, my friends.

Raury – Home ft. Take a Daytrip

Raury – demo 1: the sea

Raury – L$D (cover)


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Sunday Chillin’ #44: Oh Alright


I was laying in bed earlier today, listening to music, and was completely and totally in the moment. I felt relaxed and at peace, and I wasn’t stressing about the many factors in life which we feel we need to stress about on a daily basis. Stress is good, and keeps us moving so that we can be functional human beings. But lately, I have been absolutely relishing those moments, which are few and far between, where I can surrender and be in love with everything. I’m getting better at not taking those experiences for granted.

Anyway, Limes is a new obsession of mine. I hope you dig their tunes, and have a great Sunday.

Limes – Alright

Limes – Oh

Limes – Moonbeams

Limes – Hooplah


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Sunday Chillin’ #43: Floating Sadness


It’s Sunday and I’m too tired to say anything. It’s a sleepy day.

Sensi Sye – Be With You

DAN¥AL – Come Closer

.sinh – An Ode To Sadness

j. roosevelt 🌴 – float

Sensi Sye I j. roosevelt 🌴 I .sinh I DAN¥AL

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