Child’s Play


Went off the grid yesterday (or at least the modern version of it: no social media or any way of seeing what my friends are up to on a daily basis, or posting what I’m doing on a daily basis) and I’ll be sticking to it for a while. I’ve already begun to notice how often I’ll flip through each page on my phone looking for various apps to open and I’ll just be like, “oh, right.” This is going to take some getting used to. Here’s some Chance and SZA. This song’s beauty is mesmerizing. Enjoy.

p.s. these posts will still automatically update the Sound In Colors facebook page, but I won’t have access to it.

SZA – Child’s Play ft. Chance The Rapper

SZA I Chance The Rapper

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Journey To Hydrate


That’s the funny thing with existing, is that we didn’t ask for it. We didn’t ask to be born, to be put here. And once we arrive, we are surrounded by dogma for our entire lives, we are surrounded by the notion that we must find purpose, happiness, and success in order to be “good” at existing. I didn’t ask for it. I’ll play along, and you can be damn sure I will do my best to find all three. But I didn’t ask for it.

SwuM. – Hydrate

Tom Misch – The Journey

SwuM. I Tom Misch

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Fluid Hill

Ireland Pt. 2-65 copy

Off to Vancouver for a week! Excited to be back in the beautiful B.C. sun. These songs are kind of sad- don’t quite reflect my mood. They are beautiful however, and written by AMES. Check out her stuff by clicking the link below the song links, as always.

AMES – Fluid

AMES – All Downhill From Here (feat. Tim Myers)