Real Home


Every day is a miracle. Start treating it like one. If you can’t find any magic to notice today, look at the thousands of shades of color we see on a second by second basis. If you can’t seem to appreciate the color, close your eyes and look into the back of your mind, and let your imagination flow effortlessly into your thoughts and shape your reality. Enjoy it.

jerkcurb – Somerton Beach

Jerry Paper – Real. Now. Love.

Homeshake – ;( (phrol Edit)

Jerkcurb I Jerry Paper I Phrol I Homeshake

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Little Eyes

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Can’t stress how much I fuuuuuuuuuucking love Jengi Beats. Fill your earholes with his dreams.

RU.BE – Little Things (Jengi Beats Remix)

Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes (Jengi Beats Remix)

Jengi Beats – I Got It

Bronze Whale – Love To Feel Ft. Khai (Jengi Beats Remix)

Jengi Beats I RU.BE I Billie Eilish I Bronze Whale

Edit: Just checked out the original of Ocean Eyes and it’s pretty sweet. Hits that certain soft spot we don’t ordinarily open up.

Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes

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Far Away Dream

woods 3

Magic can be found almost anywhere, you just have to look hard enough. And whether that magic is discoverable by your senses alone, or that you must find it through the senses of others often depends on the type of person you are, or the situations with which you surround yourself. In my eyes, it doesn’t matter how or if you find it, just as long as you keep looking.

3 Monkeyzz – Into My Dream (ft. Louise Mambell)

FMLYBND – Far Away

Talos – In Time

Wolf Colony – A-Game (prod. by Headphone Activist)

3 Monkeyzz I Louise Mambell I FMLYBND I Talos I Era Noble (prev. Wolf Colony)

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Sleep Medicine

We often forget how easy it is to ignore that little voice in our head that tells us what’s right and wrong. But if we try even slightly, and open our mindful eye, we start to realize quite the opposite- that the voice is impossible to ignore. Lean in and listen, even when you don’t feel like listening. Your inner mind knows what’s best, and that is where you find your happy place.

Stars – Sleep Tonight (Junior Boys Remix)

ScottLiss66 – Medicine

ScottLiss66 I Junior Boys I Stars

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