Feel The Unknown

In honor of the joke that is the coming American Presidency, here’s a picture from beautiful British Columbia, along with some songs that make me feel like I’m there when I look at this photo. GLHF, everyone. Doomsday approaches 🙂

Only Girl – FEEL IT (JM∆C Remix)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – CKCMP (SILICON Rework)

JM∆C I Only Girl I Unknown Mortal Orchestra I Silicon

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Far Away Dream

woods 3

Magic can be found almost anywhere, you just have to look hard enough. And whether that magic is discoverable by your senses alone, or that you must find it through the senses of others often depends on the type of person you are, or the situations with which you surround yourself. In my eyes, it doesn’t matter how or if you find it, just as long as you keep looking.

3 Monkeyzz – Into My Dream (ft. Louise Mambell)

FMLYBND – Far Away

Talos – In Time

Wolf Colony – A-Game (prod. by Headphone Activist)

3 Monkeyzz I Louise Mambell I FMLYBND I Talos I Era Noble (prev. Wolf Colony)

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Meet U There


The healing is in the return, not in never having wandered to begin with.” Sharon Salzberg

Here are some healing songs to return to, from wherever you might have wandered.

Misun – Penny

Mother Mother – Monkey Tree

The War On Drugs – Red Eyes

Sure Sure – Saudade

Mother Mother I Misun I The War On Drugs I Sure Sure

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Summer Man

summer man

Hiked about 6 hours this morning. Legs are dead, but heart is lifted. Nature can take a break tomorrow though. Art gallery and brewery downtown Vancouver! Feeling very lucky this evening. Find what you’re thankful for and hold on dearly.

Highs – Handsome Man

Highs – Summer Dress


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roaddddd trippppp

Sometimes life gives you just what you need, and everything falls into place. Sometimes you’re dealt a shitty hand, and it all starts to fall apart. That’s life, and the hardest part is learning to accept that as part of being human. It’s worth it though. It is so damn worth it.

Man Man – Head On

Snowmine – Let Me In

Snowmine I Man Man

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