High Bliss


Manhattan is the tits. So much character here. Enjoy some hip-hop I’ve been gigging to tonight while editing photos.

Kooley High – All Day

King TUT – G35 feat. Isaiah Rashad (Prod. T I G G I)

MadBliss – Hibiscus (feat. Naji)

Kooley High I King TUT I T I G G I I Isaiah Rashad I MadBliss I Naji

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Bipolar Sunshine


“My future looks brighter in your eyes.” Heard this song with my friend Jake in Michigan, driving along Torch Lake and enjoying the serenity of the lakeside forest. Hope this song finds you somewhere beautiful.

p.s. Goldlink is the tits. 

Photo by Michael, edited my me.

Bipolar Sunshine – Future (Part 1) Ft. Goldlink

Bipolar Sunshine I Goldlink

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Get Wells


Reminisced on old photos from the last 5 years of college last night. It was a true trip down memory lane. I will forever cherish those memories. But one of my favorite quotes of all time goes something like, “Some of your best memories haven’t even happened yet.” It’s really nice to think about. Enjoy some amazing female vocals paired with stellar musical production.

Photo shot by Michael, edited by me

Metoux – Tyrone (Mix Chopin Remix)

esta. – Get Away

Jarreau Vandal – Nobody Else feat. Brasstracks & Niya Wells

Mix Chopin I Metoux I esta. I Jarreau Vandal I Brasstracks I Niya Wells

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No Replacements


I’ve been a baaaaaad blogger- I missed a Sunday Chillin’. I was really caught up in the moments this weekend, and wasn’t really online much. I love living like that, but also don’t feel too productive. It’s a difficult balance. Maybe I’ll learn some day.

fitzroy – Shawty

Kehlani – Jealous Ft. Lexii Alijai (No Sleep Remix)

Drake – Replacement Girl ft. Trey Songz (khadisma remix)

khadisma I Drake I Trey Songz I Khelani I Lexii Alijai I No Sleep I Fitzroy

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A Noname Reality

Been obsessed with the Prisma photo editing app lately. It’s really amazing to see my photos being turned into pseudo paintings. I’m horrible with my hands- painting, drawing, ceramics, hell even doodling- but I have a massive appreciation for those styles of art. This app lets me peek into that world a little bit.

Here’s a gorgeous mixtape by Noname. It’s hard not to fall in love with. Have a great day!

Noname I theMIND I Raury I Cam Ob’i I Xavier Omär I Eryn Allen Kane I Akenya. I Ravyn Lenae I Joseph Chilliams I Saba I Smino I Phoelix

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Taro’s Word

macy took this-3

The smooth jams to close out this calm Saturday. Some amazing Sunday Chillin’ songs coming tomorrow.

Taro – First Born Son

Ella Frank – Homie Lover Best Friend (Prod. Jay Prince)

Kemet. – That’s My Word

Taro I Ella Frank I Kemet. I Jay Prince

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