Far Away Dream

woods 3

Magic can be found almost anywhere, you just have to look hard enough. And whether that magic is discoverable by your senses alone, or that you must find it through the senses of others often depends on the type of person you are, or the situations with which you surround yourself. In my eyes, it doesn’t matter how or if you find it, just as long as you keep looking.

3 Monkeyzz – Into My Dream (ft. Louise Mambell)

FMLYBND – Far Away

Talos – In Time

Wolf Colony – A-Game (prod. by Headphone Activist)

3 Monkeyzz I Louise Mambell I FMLYBND I Talos I Era Noble (prev. Wolf Colony)

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Journey To Hydrate


That’s the funny thing with existing, is that we didn’t ask for it. We didn’t ask to be born, to be put here. And once we arrive, we are surrounded by dogma for our entire lives, we are surrounded by the notion that we must find purpose, happiness, and success in order to be “good” at existing. I didn’t ask for it. I’ll play along, and you can be damn sure I will do my best to find all three. But I didn’t ask for it.

SwuM. – Hydrate

Tom Misch – The Journey

SwuM. I Tom Misch

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Fluid Hill

Ireland Pt. 2-65 copy

Off to Vancouver for a week! Excited to be back in the beautiful B.C. sun. These songs are kind of sad- don’t quite reflect my mood. They are beautiful however, and written by AMES. Check out her stuff by clicking the link below the song links, as always.

AMES – Fluid

AMES – All Downhill From Here (feat. Tim Myers)



roaddddd trippppp

Sometimes life gives you just what you need, and everything falls into place. Sometimes you’re dealt a shitty hand, and it all starts to fall apart. That’s life, and the hardest part is learning to accept that as part of being human. It’s worth it though. It is so damn worth it.

Man Man – Head On

Snowmine – Let Me In

Snowmine I Man Man

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Faded Shadow


There’s a lot of pain in life. More so than I could even begin to comprehend. I try to hide myself from it, or I’ve always been hidden; either way, when I am approached by that teeming monster, I learn a great deal about who I am. I don’t think it’s the event that pains us really, but the idea of our own misfortune, or of others’ misfortune, that consumes us. The mere existence of pain is what brings us to our knees. But what is more forthcoming of joy than pain? For without it we would drown in happiness, unaware of the beauty surrounding us. Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

thefaded. – Shadow

thefaded. – Summerfuck


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Young Shame

Discovered a lot of great new artists this weekend at Coachella. Here are two of my favorite songs- they were on a spotify playlist the yoga instructor made. Those were some of the most blissful mornings I have experienced, doing yoga on the grass in the shade, with the desert wind blowing on me, listening away to these melodic tunes.

Young Fathers – Shame

The 1975 – Menswear

Young Fathers I The 1975

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