Love Pain


Underground Wrestling is pretty fun to watch, not gonna lie. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I highly recommend trying to attend an event.
Some more chill beats today. Guess I’ve been in that mood lately.

| | u n t y – Tired of the Pain

krupa – Intimate

Jasoe – I Love You (Genuine Color)

Jasoe I krupa I Hunter Haniger

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Flamingo Glide


Flamingosis has been one of my favorites since I started following Musigh from the beginning. Flamingosis’s beats have always been incredibly unique with a jazzy influence, and paired with Ehiorobo’s bright vocals, this first track makes for a surefire pick-me-up and a great transition into the weekend. In addition to Glide, I added a couple of my recent favorites by Flamingosis. Enjoy!

Flamingosis x Ehiorobo – Glide (Favorite Girl)

Flamingosis – Not Like The Others

Flamingosis – Flight Of The Flamingo

Flamingosis I ehiorobo

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Sunday Chillin’ #42: Sugar Honey Princess


Duncan Trussell talks about synchronicity a bit on his podcasts, and the gist of it is this: the harder you work, and the more honest effort you put into your life, the more often things in your life seem to line up in the right places at the right times. And the reverse effect seems to be true: the more often you neglect the areas of your life that require work, patience, and honesty, the more often you will find yourself not being able to catch a break. Funny how that works.

ehiorobo – heir to the sugar honey queen


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Feel The Unknown

In honor of the joke that is the coming American Presidency, here’s a picture from beautiful British Columbia, along with some songs that make me feel like I’m there when I look at this photo. GLHF, everyone. Doomsday approaches 🙂

Only Girl – FEEL IT (JM∆C Remix)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – CKCMP (SILICON Rework)

JM∆C I Only Girl I Unknown Mortal Orchestra I Silicon

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Nobody’s Cinnamon Wish


Feel good hip-hop is best hip-hop.

G^vION – I Wish (Note to Self)

Steeziak – Brown Sugar Cinnamon Ft. Natey & Domino

Azad – When You Know (Prod. by IAMNOBODI)

G^vION I Steeziak I Domino I Natey I IAMNOBODI I Azad

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Back Pocket

back pocket

Back to regular posting!! Here is an amazingly feel good song by Vulfpeck. My buddy found this track when one of our favorite Overwatch streamers, MoonMoon, played it on stream. Great Summer vibes. Enjoy!

p.s. Vulfpeck only has one track on Soundcloud. For more of their tunes I suggest heading to youtube or listening on spotify.

Vulfpeck – Back Pocket


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An Alluring Dream


About to head to Michigan for 10 days starting tomorrow. I’ll be relaxing by and exploring the lakes with two of my closest friends, pretty excited about it. This is the last of my major summer trips before I starting figuring out what the hell I want to do with my life. That is not terrifying at all. These tunes help me relax and forget about dogma. Maybe they can for you too.

Allure – What I Got (feat Erin Marshall)

SYRE – Analog Dream

Hermitude – Ukiyo

SYRE I Hermitude I Allure I Erin Marshall

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canada day

Happy Canada Day! A nice little day of sailing out at Point Robert’s for the day- the nipple of Canada. Every time I come out here, I have some sort of epic adventure. The nature here is really something else. Breathtaking. Both figuratively and literally, these hikes are a doozy. Here’s some Nujabes to reflect my mood right now on this wonderful day. Enjoy.

Photo by Vicky, Edited by me

Nujabes – Tsurugi No Mai


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