Don’t Stop The Party


Drunk Girl’s friend messaged Psyonix, the makers of Rocket League, and showed them this song, ironically while he was a bit drunk. The sound guys loved it and added it to the game’s soundtrack. It is a perfect fit imo, but also a really fun song. And I’m not sure why but this song makes me super nostalgic for college.

Drunk Girl – Don’t Stop The Party (Feat. deanna)

Drunk Girl

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Feel The Unknown

In honor of the joke that is the coming American Presidency, here’s a picture from beautiful British Columbia, along with some songs that make me feel like I’m there when I look at this photo. GLHF, everyone. Doomsday approaches 🙂

Only Girl – FEEL IT (JM∆C Remix)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – CKCMP (SILICON Rework)

JM∆C I Only Girl I Unknown Mortal Orchestra I Silicon

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Get Wells


Reminisced on old photos from the last 5 years of college last night. It was a true trip down memory lane. I will forever cherish those memories. But one of my favorite quotes of all time goes something like, “Some of your best memories haven’t even happened yet.” It’s really nice to think about. Enjoy some amazing female vocals paired with stellar musical production.

Photo shot by Michael, edited by me

Metoux – Tyrone (Mix Chopin Remix)

esta. – Get Away

Jarreau Vandal – Nobody Else feat. Brasstracks & Niya Wells

Mix Chopin I Metoux I esta. I Jarreau Vandal I Brasstracks I Niya Wells

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Can’t Hide

Thanks for the recommendation, Rob. Ashe has a captivating voice, I’ve posted a song featuring her about two months ago. I’ve never heard of Whethan before, but after hearing this track he’s got another fan. Looking forward to more.

Edit: Just looked at Whethan‘s soundcloud page, and he remixed one of my favorite songs, “Falling” by OpiaSo I posted it here for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Whethan – Can’t Hide (ft. Ashe)

Opia – Falling (Whethan Redo)

Ashe I Whethan I Opia

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Secret Saved

Ireland Study Abroad-39 copy 2

Upbeat/chill tunes for this upbeat/chill day. And if your day is feeling slow, these songs may just do the trick- unless it was your intention to be slow today. Some days are best taken slowly.

Indeep – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (LeMarquis Remix)

Soco & Caden Jester – Secret Lover (ft. Christopher Blake)

LeMarquis I Indeep I Christopher Blake I Caden Jester I Soco

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Another Thursday

tumblr_nsbvqrwbye1rp0f7qo1_1280.png copy

A happy birthday to this cool chick, and a happy Thursday to everybody else! whereisalex is a producer from “nowhere,” America, and man did these beats come out of nowhere! Enjoy.

whereisalex – be your girl.

whereisalex – wish you loved me.


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