Love Pain


Underground Wrestling is pretty fun to watch, not gonna lie. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I highly recommend trying to attend an event.
Some more chill beats today. Guess I’ve been in that mood lately.

| | u n t y – Tired of the Pain

krupa – Intimate

Jasoe – I Love You (Genuine Color)

Jasoe I krupa I Hunter Haniger

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Sunday Chillin’ #48: Fly Lovely


Uhhhhh I have nothing to say about this photo. I opened MS paint not know what I was doing. Enjoy…? Anyway, Julian Avila is great. Posted one of his songs yesterday, but feel like I need to share some more of his stuff today, alongside dyalla. I have yet to hear a bad track by dyalla. Going to be listening all week.

Julian Avila – Sunshine

Julian Avila – Fly

Julian Avila – Good Times

dyalla – Could You?

dyalla – Lovely Girl

dyalla – She’s Right There

dyalla – All I Need

dyalla – Inquisition

dyalla I Julian Avila

Mission To Home


Somedays life is clearer than others. Sometimes the rain falls faster in the Summer. And in between is when time feels slow.
To take a walk in the drizzle, to read a book and eat with friends, to gently type away at a burning curiosity, of answers to questions I think I know.
I can’t let myself believe in the superlative. There is no best. There is no most. There is only the matter of love and growth.
Live today for tomorrow, die today while borrowing time from another, ask yourself if you’re truly alright or just playing it all for the show.

Crave Moore – Mission To The Moon.

Julian Avila – Phife Dawg (Tribute)

froyo ma – home phone (w nick hakim)

Crave Moore I Sensi Sye I Julian Avila I froyo ma I Nick Hakim

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Flamingo Glide


Flamingosis has been one of my favorites since I started following Musigh from the beginning. Flamingosis’s beats have always been incredibly unique with a jazzy influence, and paired with Ehiorobo’s bright vocals, this first track makes for a surefire pick-me-up and a great transition into the weekend. In addition to Glide, I added a couple of my recent favorites by Flamingosis. Enjoy!

Flamingosis x Ehiorobo – Glide (Favorite Girl)

Flamingosis – Not Like The Others

Flamingosis – Flight Of The Flamingo

Flamingosis I ehiorobo

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The Quarterlifes: Jeremy Monson


Welcome to The Quarterlifes, where myself and other 20-somethings use podcasting as a means to navigate through this awkwardly beautiful, wonderfully frustrating, and sometimes downright confusing period of our lives. We use honest conversation to try to find our purposes, and to discover what it means to be an open and compassionate human being in a modern American culture.

In this episode, Jeremy and I talk about his experience with discovering his true passion in surfing, and what finding that “thing” does to your psyche. Jeremy was my roommate for a year in college, and we both learned, and still learn, so much from each other on a daily basis. He is an incredibly down-to-earth, humble, and honest human being. This conversation covers a wide range of subjects, and we approach them in an attempt to be as objective as possible, and to try and understand a bit more about our place here in life.

These photos are not my own.

The Quarterlifes – Episode #002: Jeremy Monson (Finding Your Thing)

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Penny Up


YO if you have not checked ODIE out yet and want something absolutely smooooooooth to jam out to, jump on over to his Soundcloud. I was surprised to see that he only has 8,000 followers. ODIE’s got A-class production quality, and his style is so fluid. Really enjoying these songs right now while eating mint chocolate chip ice cream and editing photos. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

ODIE – My Own [Prod. Hurricane]

ODIE – Penny

ODIE – Catch up

ODIE I Ya’qob I Hurricane I Bryce Aevry

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Point Of View


Listened to this playlist while working today, and I am in love. It has the perfect funky groovy vibe that I like added to modern beats. I’ll be listening to this for a while.

I’ve been thinking a lot about passion lately, and how we are, whether consciously or subconsciously, always trying to find something to live for- something that is worthwhile of our time. For some the drive is parties, sex, and pleasure. For some the drive is wealth and prestige. Maybe the drive to create something world changing fuels those in need of a perceived state of fulfillment. For some, the worthwhile thing might be in figuring out how not to need something that is worthwhile in order to be fulfilled. Even my typing this is one of many attempts at searching, of trying to discover whether or not writing & blogging leaves me feeling alive, fulfilled, and passionate. We are all in a constant search for passion- for spark. And lately I’ve realized that it is the search which keeps us moving, and not in the discovery of the “ultimate thing.” We’ve heard it before, and it’s a cliche for a reason, but there’s a difference between acknowledging a cliche life-lesson by reading or hearing about it, and having the revelation yourself. I’ve learned to keep searching, and to trust that the passion will come. The day we stop searching, the day that we surrender to the things in life that make us comfortable, is the day that we start to die.

I dedicate this to track #8, Searchin’ (G E N I U S Remix) by Roy Ayers.
Roy & G E N I U S found their passion.
Enjoy, and search on.

p.s. here is my favorite track from the playlist available for download (right click on the song name and hit “save as”)

 G E N I U S – Out of Sight (Tribute To James Brown)


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