The Quarterlifes: Jeremy Monson


Welcome to The Quarterlifes, where myself and other 20-somethings use podcasting as a means to navigate through this awkwardly beautiful, wonderfully frustrating, and sometimes downright confusing period of our lives. We use honest conversation to try to find our purposes, and to discover what it means to be an open and compassionate human being in a modern American culture.

In this episode, Jeremy and I talk about his experience with discovering his true passion in surfing, and what finding that “thing” does to your psyche. Jeremy was my roommate for a year in college, and we both learned, and still learn, so much from each other on a daily basis. He is an incredibly down-to-earth, humble, and honest human being. This conversation covers a wide range of subjects, and we approach them in an attempt to be as objective as possible, and to try and understand a bit more about our place here in life.

These photos are not my own.

The Quarterlifes – Episode #002: Jeremy Monson (Finding Your Thing)

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  1. datboi

    Came here from the Musigh subreddit. Enjoyed the podcast, man. Hope you keep posting.


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