The Quarterlifes: Rylan Harper


Welcome to the debut episode of The Quarterlifes, where myself and other 20-somethings use podcasting as a means to navigate through this awkwardly beautiful, wonderfully frustrating, and sometimes downright confusing period of our lives. We use honest conversation to try to find our purposes and to discover what it means to be an open and compassionate human being in a modern American culture.

In this episode, Rylan and I talk about his experience with Lyme Disease and how it taught him what truly matters in life. We discuss discipline, passion, loneliness, and paradigm shifts. We also talk about what it means to go from caring about the self, to caring about others, and how overcoming adversity heavily affects that.

I will be releasing these occasionally as Sound In Colors productions. The photos are not my own and will be of my guests.

The Quarterlifes – Episode #001: Rylan Harper (Lyme Disease & Perspective Shifts)

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1 Response

  1. jaime

    love seeing your page grow and expand. its a really cool way to reach different people for different reasons. The reason doesn’t matter just as long as we feel a little less lost or perhaps a little less alone in our lostness.

    Regarding Rylan, I always thought great things about him and this just solidifies it. Great guy, even better attitude and outlook on life.

    look forward to the next quarterlifes.


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