Sunday Chillin’ #44: Oh Alright


I was laying in bed earlier today, listening to music, and was completely and totally in the moment. I felt relaxed and at peace, and I wasn’t stressing about the many factors in life which we feel we need to stress about on a daily basis. Stress is good, and keeps us moving so that we can be functional human beings. But lately, I have been absolutely relishing those moments, which are few and far between, where I can surrender and be in love with everything. I’m getting better at not taking those experiences for granted.

Anyway, Limes is a new obsession of mine. I hope you dig their tunes, and have a great Sunday.

Limes – Alright

Limes – Oh

Limes – Moonbeams

Limes – Hooplah


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Don’t Stop The Party


Drunk Girl’s friend messaged Psyonix, the makers of Rocket League, and showed them this song, ironically while he was a bit drunk. The sound guys loved it and added it to the game’s soundtrack. It is a perfect fit imo, but also a really fun song. And I’m not sure why but this song makes me super nostalgic for college.

Drunk Girl – Don’t Stop The Party (Feat. deanna)

Drunk Girl

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Sunday Chillin’ #43: Floating Sadness


It’s Sunday and I’m too tired to say anything. It’s a sleepy day.

Sensi Sye – Be With You

DAN¥AL – Come Closer

.sinh – An Ode To Sadness

j. roosevelt 🌴 – float

Sensi Sye I j. roosevelt 🌴 I .sinh I DAN¥AL

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Child’s Play


Went off the grid yesterday (or at least the modern version of it: no social media or any way of seeing what my friends are up to on a daily basis, or posting what I’m doing on a daily basis) and I’ll be sticking to it for a while. I’ve already begun to notice how often I’ll flip through each page on my phone looking for various apps to open and I’ll just be like, “oh, right.” This is going to take some getting used to. Here’s some Chance and SZA. This song’s beauty is mesmerizing. Enjoy.

p.s. these posts will still automatically update the Sound In Colors facebook page, but I won’t have access to it.

SZA – Child’s Play ft. Chance The Rapper

SZA I Chance The Rapper

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Sunday Chillin’ #42: Sugar Honey Princess


Duncan Trussell talks about synchronicity a bit on his podcasts, and the gist of it is this: the harder you work, and the more honest effort you put into your life, the more often things in your life seem to line up in the right places at the right times. And the reverse effect seems to be true: the more often you neglect the areas of your life that require work, patience, and honesty, the more often you will find yourself not being able to catch a break. Funny how that works.

ehiorobo – heir to the sugar honey queen


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