Bipolar Sunshine


“My future looks brighter in your eyes.” Heard this song with my friend Jake in Michigan, driving along Torch Lake and enjoying the serenity of the lakeside forest. Hope this song finds you somewhere beautiful.

p.s. Goldlink is the tits. 

Photo by Michael, edited my me.

Bipolar Sunshine – Future (Part 1) Ft. Goldlink

Bipolar Sunshine I Goldlink

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Feel The Unknown

In honor of the joke that is the coming American Presidency, here’s a picture from beautiful British Columbia, along with some songs that make me feel like I’m there when I look at this photo. GLHF, everyone. Doomsday approaches 🙂

Only Girl – FEEL IT (JM∆C Remix)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – CKCMP (SILICON Rework)

JM∆C I Only Girl I Unknown Mortal Orchestra I Silicon

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Get Wells


Reminisced on old photos from the last 5 years of college last night. It was a true trip down memory lane. I will forever cherish those memories. But one of my favorite quotes of all time goes something like, “Some of your best memories haven’t even happened yet.” It’s really nice to think about. Enjoy some amazing female vocals paired with stellar musical production.

Photo shot by Michael, edited by me

Metoux – Tyrone (Mix Chopin Remix)

esta. – Get Away

Jarreau Vandal – Nobody Else feat. Brasstracks & Niya Wells

Mix Chopin I Metoux I esta. I Jarreau Vandal I Brasstracks I Niya Wells

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