Sunday Chillin’ #37: Long Live Musigh

Musigh, the blog that inspired me to start my own, finally shut down. The creator had stopped posting years ago, but the client was still running up until about a month or so ago. I asked a bunch of my close friends what songs they think of when they hear “musigh,” and this mix is the result of those memories. Enjoy.

We’ll never forget you Beni. Long live Musigh.

Sound In Colors – Musigh Tribute Mix

Tracklist (in order)

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6 Responses

  1. Puffin

    Puffin here. Glad I found this. What a great shame 😦 But if you were to ask me what I thought musigh was. Speech Debelle and Bonobo, you picked well my friend. You picked well.

  2. V.Q.Dela

    Puffin!! I’m glad to see you!! 😄
    Sound in Colors, good stuff! 👍
    Musigh…goodbye 🙏
    Follow me on Instagram @v.q.dela

  3. Cam

    I’m happy to see Beni still is in our hearts. Good to see you are too Puffin!


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