Summer Man

summer man

Hiked about 6 hours this morning. Legs are dead, but heart is lifted. Nature can take a break tomorrow though. Art gallery and brewery downtown Vancouver! Feeling very lucky this evening. Find what you’re thankful for and hold on dearly.

Highs – Handsome Man

Highs – Summer Dress


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Sunday Chillin’ #33: Sound Of The Sun

sound of the sun

Happy Sunday. Really loving the songs today. I hope you do too!

Flitz&Suppe – Whenever, Wherever

Henry Green – Electric Feel (shagabond edit)

SOAK – Sea Ceatures

Favormusik – Fellow of a 45

Soak I Flitz & Suppe I Shagabond I Henry Green I MGMT I Favormusik

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Fluid Hill

Ireland Pt. 2-65 copy

Off to Vancouver for a week! Excited to be back in the beautiful B.C. sun. These songs are kind of sad- don’t quite reflect my mood. They are beautiful however, and written by AMES. Check out her stuff by clicking the link below the song links, as always.

AMES – Fluid

AMES – All Downhill From Here (feat. Tim Myers)


Sunday Chillin’ #32: Boom Clap

little grasses

Feeling especially in love today. Not with someone, or something, or anything in particular. Just in love. And that’s how it should be. I just gotta figure out how to feel this way all the time. Songs like these help bring me a bit closer, and I hope this masterpiece by Boom Clap Bachelors helps you toward that light of love as well.

Boom Clap Bachelors – Løb Stop Stå

Boom Clap Bachelors

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