Hoping You Would Give Up

Can’t describe how nice it is being able to edit photos sanely again (a.k.a. using a computer that actually works). It is my pleasure to show y’all some freshly squeezed juice by my boy vbnd. Be sure to check out his page here. Enjoy.

vbnd – hoping you would call back

vbnd – gave up


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Sunday Chillin’ #21: Overcome

Happy Easter to those of you that celebrate it; we don’t necessarily, but we do cook up an inordinate amount of food to feast on. This year was ham and lamb roast with mustard gravy. Passing the good vibes on to you, and happy Sunday.

telepopmusik – breathe (octbr flip)

Telescope Thieves – R U Still Down

Lain & Astre – Hanae

Christian Patey – Safe To Say You’re Free (produced by jimmy2sox)

SOHN – The Wheel (don’t remix)

octbr I telepopmusik I Telescope Thieves I Lain I Astre I Christian Patey I don’t I SOHN

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Breathe & Gush

I’ve been really positive lately, and when I’m positive, it makes me want to blog more, (which is great, because I love sharing music with you!). El. Train is a phenomenal producer who I’ve been following for a while. About half a month ago, I posted a playlist of his that he collabed with Mike Rose for. Today, we have some more personal stuff from El. Train to show off. Enjoy.

El. Train – Breathe

El. Train – Gush

El. Train

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Wanna Be Young

5 hour class got cancelled, wooooooooo! Here are some pump-up jams for your Monday morningggggg. Now go out there and have a great week.

MARKAI – All I Want

Abhi//Dijon – Young (Joseph L ‘Étranger & Shaunic Remix)

Keyshia Cole – Love (Mayor Flip)

Markai I Mayor I Keyshia Cole I Abhi Dijon I Joseph The Stranger I Shaunic

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Sunday Chillin’ #20: Find Your Excuse

A lot of people are waiting- waiting for an event or a circumstance that will cause them to become enlightened. The problem is in the waiting, instead of the finding. “Look for excuses in everyday life to become a better person.” – Duncan Trussell

Happy Sunday and enjoy the good vibes//

Barnaby. – Bored

Yoste – Chihiro

Yoste – Totoro ft. Evangeline

LissA – Zimt (Prod. By Mazde)

Barnaby. I Yoste I LissA I Evangeline

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