Sunday Chillin’ #17: Political Luxuries

It’s late and I’m ready for bed, but it’s a Sunday and I don’t want to forget.

Noize – Luxury

Motion of Hips – Politic (Louie Louie Remix)

Eest Coast – Myself

Dutchmassive – Spring Chops In Fall

Eest Coast I Noize I Dutchmassive I Louie Louie I Motion of Hips

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Three Suns

It goes without saying, but happy Friday… or Saturday for all my visitors on the Eastern Hemisphere. I’ve been so tired lately. At least I have songs like these from Dalo and Jengi Beats to keep me going.

3MF – Now (Dalo Remix)

Jengi Beats – Sun Sun (Werk Space)

Jengi Beats I Dalo

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Movie Flight

Woke up this morning and opened my blinds to that glorious sunshine, filled my mind in time with those musical chimes; you’d have to be blind to dislike my rhymes. Okay I’m done… Enjoy.

Else – Her Movie

Olympic Ayres – Take Flight

J A W S – Think Too Much, Feel Too Little

J A W S I Else I Olympic Ayres

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shit-44 copy

Need me some more anime in my life. Samurai Champloo was/is amazing, and running into these remixes of Nujabes’ old songs makes me want to start another show.

p.s. Just realized I forgot AGAIN to do a Sunday Chillin’. . . . . I can’t believe it. I’m going to start setting alarms for Sundays. Jeeze Louise.

Nujabes – Feather

Sango – Nujabes Juke

Nujabes – Battlecry

Nujabes – Battlecry (oriJanus Remix)

Nujabes I Sango I oriJanus

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Blonde Atlass

Organizing all of my pictures and music is downright exhausting, but it’s going to be worth it in the end, hopefully by making this blogging process much smoother and more efficient. Today, we have two ambient songs with a somewhat dark texture to them.

BLONDE (J-Louis Remix) – Black Atlass

Wait For Me – Queen Leaf

J-Louis I Queen Leaf I Black Atlass