Renaissance Revolution

Leaving for Jamaica Sunday morning at 4am, but heading up to the city tomorrow afternoon so we can be closer to the airport for the stupidly early flight time. Again, I will be bringing my computer with, so expect a post at least every other day.

Anywho, Flume came out with a new song today (or yesterday, it’s 1:11am for me at the moment) if you hadn’t already heard, and it’s as amazing as you’d expect it to be. I threw in a couple other songs with a similar feel to Flume’s track (although they are not quite on the same level, imo. They’re different and unique in the their own ways, but Flume’s expertise and production is top notch, and not to mention very hard to match). Anyway, enjoyyyyyyy.

Flume I Kai I Wallflower I Top Hat I Veens I kid I Steve James


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