Party Br/\ve

Gonna go to a shooting range for the first time today. If the blog discontinues after today, assume that I somehow messed up and shot myself in the hands and can no longer type. So for the super-off-chance possible-last-post-ever, here’s two songs that you can close your eyes to, travel somewhere else and dream of electric love.

Nite Swim I BR/\VE

Holy Holy


A flower feels the rain, and it weeps from its petals.” Feeling like I need a new adventure soon… looking forward to the surf trip a few buddies of mine and I planned coming up in January.

Owen Rabbit

Edit (12-29-15 ; 11:52am): JUST realized I forgot to do a Sunday Chillin’ here. The holidays have taken a lot out of me and I kind of lost track of the days. Plus, I used up a lot of my Sunday Chillin’ like songs on the Christmas playlist. But expect something great next Sunday! Thank you

Christmas Magic

One of my best friends suggested that I create occasional playlists for the blog; to have something you could just hit “play” and listen to for about an hour with no interruption. So I decided I’d do just that, and I’m feeling the flow. So sit back, relax, and have a merry freakin’ Christmas.

Happy holidays everyone🌟

Lemaitre I Odesza I Madelyn Grant I Jengi Beats I Swindail I Raava I BR/\VE I Jada I B. Miles I Groszek I Kailo I OHD I Fontaine Ivory I Connie Lim I Joe Hertz I Josef Salvat I Niia I Galimatias I Mura Masa I Bombay Bicycle Club I Leo Zero