Child’s Play


Went off the grid yesterday (or at least the modern version of it: no social media or any way of seeing what my friends are up to on a daily basis, or posting what I’m doing on a daily basis) and I’ll be sticking to it for a while. I’ve already begun to notice how often I’ll flip through each page on my phone looking for various apps to open and I’ll just be like, “oh, right.” This is going to take some getting used to. Here’s some Chance and SZA. This song’s beauty is mesmerizing. Enjoy.

p.s. these posts will still automatically update the Sound In Colors facebook page, but I won’t have access to it.

SZA – Child’s Play ft. Chance The Rapper

SZA I Chance The Rapper

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Sunday Chillin’ #42: Sugar Honey Princess


Duncan Trussell talks about synchronicity a bit on his podcasts, and the gist of it is this: the harder you work, and the more honest effort you put into your life, the more often things in your life seem to line up in the right places at the right times. And the reverse effect seems to be true: the more often you neglect the areas of your life that require work, patience, and honesty, the more often you will find yourself not being able to catch a break. Funny how that works.

ehiorobo – heir to the sugar honey queen


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Life’s a bitch and then you die- but don’t let those tears falling keep you from fantasizing, subsiding your youth along with certitude of the time that it takes to rise up again and fight against a dying world of passers-by, but tonight is the night of nights where we’ll finally feel alive and reuse that word which we all know as flight.

oshi – fly


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High Bliss


Manhattan is the tits. So much character here. Enjoy some hip-hop I’ve been gigging to tonight while editing photos.

Kooley High – All Day

King TUT – G35 feat. Isaiah Rashad (Prod. T I G G I)

MadBliss – Hibiscus (feat. Naji)

Kooley High I King TUT I T I G G I I Isaiah Rashad I MadBliss I Naji

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Real Home


Every day is a miracle. Start treating it like one. If you can’t find any magic to notice today, look at the thousands of shades of color we see on a second by second basis. If you can’t seem to appreciate the color, close your eyes and look into the back of your mind, and let your imagination flow effortlessly into your thoughts and shape your reality. Enjoy it.

jerkcurb – Somerton Beach

Jerry Paper – Real. Now. Love.

Homeshake – ;( (phrol Edit)

Jerkcurb I Jerry Paper I Phrol I Homeshake

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Sunday Chillin’ #41: Peanut Butter Vibes


Uhhhh did you guys want another sunset? Cause here’s another sunset. And good day to you! A little upbeat for a SC, but here’s some awesome remixes to a great Glass Animals song. If you haven’t listened to their new album yet, I’d suggest you get the hell on it! So dope.

Glass Animals – Peanut Butter Vibes (Honeycomb Rework)

Glass Animals – Gooey (Gilligan Moss Remix)

Honeycomb I Glass Animals I Gilligan Moss

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